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yugapat© is a non-intrusive, secure & intuitive video conferencing module. While running our own startup, we regularly felt the pain of typical conference services. Yugapat grew organically & has now become a de-facto service across our ecosystem. We hope you find it useful, please feel free to share with your network to enable early mover booster advantages. Reach out to us for any additional requirements, we are very happy to interact with our early adoptors as we align to your needs! Use demo-demo for entering
Check out our deep learning module on skin diseases

Skin Disease Detector

Concerned about your skin?

Understand your skin problem in one minute without leaving your chair. Do it! It’s free.

pNaia, our powerful diagnosis engine, has been meticulously trained using images & clinical data related to skin from across the world. pNaia uses this deep learning to suggest likely reasons for your skin problem & work with you to resolve it

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