About Us

Industry leading research in the fields of Computer Vision & Augmented Intelligence

We are a research driven enterprise with a key focus on creating and managing AI or ML driven product suite, in collaboration with established research institutes. We strive to ensure ethical usage of AI/ML workbench and are proud to say that our products are not just driven by cutting edge technologies, but are also auditable & humane. We call it “Responsible AI”.

Some of our research areas include:

  • AI Hardware
  • AI tools & Methodologies
  • Algorithmic Acceleration
  • Augmenting Models
  • Computer Vision
  • Explainability
  • Fairness
  • Learning & Reasoning
  • Optimal Action
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Trusting AI
What we do

Services we are offering

Virtual Meet & Webinars

yugapat© is a non-intrusive, secure & intuitive video conferencing module. While running our own startup, we regularly felt the pain of typical conference services. Yugapat grew organically & has now become a de-facto service across our ecosystem.







Skin Care

Concerned about your skin?

Understand your skin problem in one minute without leaving your chair. Do it! It’s free.

eSkinDoctor©, our powerful diagnosis engine, has been meticulously trained using images & clinical data related to skin from across the world. eSkinDoctor© uses this deep learning to suggest likely reasons for your skin problem & work with you to resolve it.

Facial Detection

Fotobot© provides a full suite of image modules (SDKs) which will take care of face recognition, mapping, comparison & labelling. Our service is currently live for event management, but can be easily extended to other use cases.









Video Surveillance

Video surveillance & monitoring tools which generalized facial features & object detection embedded. We are currently in development mode for deployment with edge devices.












Our Team

Growth Engines

Client Reviews

What our client say's

  • Client Image
    • Pranay Gupta
    • CEO & Founder

    The pnaia team implemented the customer outreach program in a very comprehensive way. From ideation to concept discussion to technical stack was top notch. Our existing customers were impressed & new customer traction was impressive. Kudos & all the best guys!

  • Client Image
    • Sunita P
    • Manager

    I am in love with the yugapat interface & ease of use. My customers have rarely complained & technology has taken a back seat with my yoga sessions back in focus! Be calm & keep doing your work guys!!

  • Client Image
    • Aditya Sistla
    • CTO & Co-Founder

    The solution around webinars is extremely well received in our community. With a cost effective yet cutting edge product, I have no doubt that yugapat will scale barriers that bigger juggernauts stumble towards! All the best...